Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fall Semester Junior Year Artwork

Comic Book Illustration:
Page from Final Crisis 07

Omnibus page 1

Black and White Illustration Projects
Graphite Magazine Article Illustration: Grant Morrison (Man Behind the Bat)

Ink Wash Book Illustration Page 100 : Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 

Scratch board Book Cover Illustration: Flex Mentallo

Styles and Concepts:
Watercolor: Darkeseid

Conversation: Aquaman

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Put Another "X" On The Calendar

The end of the school year is vastly approaching and for once I have stuff done early! So I decided to take this breather before the finals storm to upload some more artwork...

Here is my cover for the origin of Batman I did for my Electronic Illustration Class, done in Corel Painter with and without text. Probably the funnest project I've had all year.

This is the Final scene in my watercolor series. It depicts my character Omnibus Holding the Universe. 22X30 on watercolor paper

Watercolor for my Illustration Methods Class of A hyena experimenting on a Gorilla. 13.5X8.5

Here is a space themed school supply kit I made for my Illustration Methods Class

Thursday, February 24, 2011

She Breaks, She Caves

Been busy with school as usual and been listenin to alot of bright eyes which is giving me all kinds of inspiration. All in all its been a good new semester.And now I finally have some work to show. Enjoying this semester a lot and have some exciting new projects ahead of me, cannot wait.

 This is a soon to be sculpture with sculptey clay for my Illustration Methods class
 I made these for my Design for Illustration calss, not fully happy with how they came out but I enjoyed making them.
Electronic Illustration narrative portrait of Grant Morrison ( greatest comic writer ever!) did it in Corel Painter which I hated at first but now might like better than photoshop
And here is the second part of my series of my watercolor class probably my favorite piece of the year.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Before There Was A Bomb, It Was An Idea, and Superman's A Better Idea, So Why Not Make Him Real Instead"

Its been a busy semester so far, but luckily not as busy as the last. Anyways I haven't finished any projects yet other than this piece for my watercolor class, which i finished about an hour ago. Its the first of a series of six 22x30 watercolor painting I must do throughout the year, we could chose any topic so i figured it would be the prefect chance to flesh out the comic I have been thinking of doing called Omnibus. Hopefully Ill have more work to post soon!